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Welcome, this is our photo gallery. This is a demo of Piwigo features. On this page, we describe the customization choices made for this gallery. All the customizations combined make this gallery unique!

Theme "dark"

This gallery uses the theme dark. As you can see, this is a gray background theme with white links that become yellow when the mouse cursor is over. The theme is "elastic" : it automatically stretches its width depending on the available width in the web browser. Depending on your visitor screen wdith, the theme dark may display more or less thumbnail on each line. The menubar has a fixed width and is always displayed.

You can find other themes with a fixed width such as Luciano Amodio or Stripped. You will also find themes with a menubar that can be hidden such as Gally/Graphite or Simple Black.

Customized Page Banner

On the administration screen [Configuration > Options > Main], we have configured a banner using a very large background picture. The picture is a cropped photo. We have added the picture as any other photo in the gallery and copied its location. We have then pasted the picture location to configure the banner. As we don't want the banner to be visible in the albums, we have defined the album as private.

Plugin PWG Stuffs, manage blocks on your pages

Here I have activated the PWG Stuffs plugin, which let you add a "Personal Block" anywhere on the page. You can also add blocks like "Random Photos" or "Featured Photos".

Plugin Additional Pages, free content pages

The page you are reading right now was created with the Additional Pages plugin. This plugin lets you add pages with any content inside. For your visitors, the list of pages is displayed in the menubar of the gallery. You can filter this list so that a German speaking unregistered visitor won't see the same list as an English speaking registered visitor. By checking a simple option you can define any page as your homepage, this is what we did on demo1.piwigo.com.

Plugin Advanced Menu Manager, more options to configure your menubar

This Piwigo gallery also uses the plugin Advanced Menu Manager which lets you display a random photo in the menubar (a new photo is automatically reloaded every 10 seconds). When you click on the thumbnail, you can see the "web size" photo with all related information.

Plugin Lightbox, just another way to display your photos

We have also activated the plugin Lightbox: when you click on a thumbnail, the "web size" photo opens in the middle of the screen and darkens the remaining space of the page to enlight the photo. This visual mode is faster and hides all information related to the photo. If you want to get more details, just click on the title below the photo.